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FAQ's - Your questions answered.

What is Easy to Ecommerce? What does it do?

Easy to Ecommerce brings all eCommerce components together in one powerful, integrated online platform Easy to Ecommerce allows you to set up a website to sell your goods online. It lets you build & manage your product catalog, customize your eCommerce website, accept all types of online payments, track and respond to orders - all within a few minutes.

How do I create a store?

If you haven't created an eCommerce store yet, it just takes a minute and does not require any coding at all! We have 100s of designs for your eCommerce store, you can select one of them from Themes page and create your own eCommerce store in a minute. You can also click "Try Easy to Ecommerce " in the below section to create an eCommerce store.

How can I map my domain to my eCommerce store?

With a domain name your customers can access your eCommerce store on a dedicated URL like www.yourstore.com instead of the default yourstore.EasytoEcommerce.in. You can map your domain to your Easy to Ecommerce store on your own or we can help you with it.

To map the domain on your own please click here & follow the instructions.

If you need to us help you with mapping your domain click here to send us an email.

How can I customize my store?

Easy to Ecommerce eCommerce platform enables you to do all the customisation yourself using various options. For eg: After you login to Easy to Ecommerce Store Manager you can customise

  1. Store look & feel using the Setup > Themes section
  2. Store profile and SEO from Setup > Shop Profile section
  3. Payment methods from Setup > Shop Profile section
  4. Product widgets & HTML Widgets like banners under Setup > Widgets section

You can also engage your own HTML designer to further customise your stores. Please connect us with your designer & we'll take it further from there.

Can I add static pages to my eCommerce store?

You can add unlimited number of static pages to your eCommerce Store. To add a new page -

  • Login to your Store Admin
  • Goto Setup > Pages
  • Click on the button. This will open a new page
  • Here, enter your page details like
    • Type - select HTML
    • Name - Enter the name of the page. This will also be used for the URL.
    • Title - Enter a title for the page, Page titles are useful for SEO
    • Content - Add in the contents as required.
    • Images You can upload images from Insert > Upload Image
  • Once you save the page, your page URL will be generated.
  • Click on the URL to viw the page you just created. This page on our Demo Store was created with same steps.

I want to customize my Easy to Ecommerce store by changing HTML/CSS/JS. Is it possible?

You can customize your store HTML, CSS and JS with 2 approaches.

The first one is to create an HTML widget from ADMIN > SETUP > WIDGETS. Here you can create HTML blocks that you want to be placed on your side and associate styling with it as per your requirement.

The second approach is to directly edit the code from ADMIN > SETUP > PAGES > FOOTER. Using this page, you can either write custom html/css/js code or modify existing site elements using JS/CSS. You'll find example code already in place here for your reference.

If you want us to add some custom css/js/html to your store, just drop us a mail on support@EasytoEcommerce.in and we'll do it for you.

What is an Ecommerce payment gateway?

An ecommerce payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card, debit card & netbanking payments and processes them securely with a user's merchant account.

Which payment gateways do you support?

By default your store comes with two payment methods, COD and online bank transfer. You can configure these from Admin > Setup > Setting section.

To accept Credit Card/Debit Cart and Netbanking payments, you'll need a payment gateway account.

We are integrated with the following payment gateways

  • DirecPay
  • PayU
  • PayUPaisa
  • EBS

Do you offer free payment gateways?

We offer FREE payment gateways from both DirecPay and PayUPaisa for Easy to Ecommerce stores. Details of both payment gateways are available below

For commercial details, please call us

How can I ship/ deliver my product orders?

There are many logistics vendors who provide product shipment services (generally referred as courier providers). Easy to Ecommerce is technically integrated with all the major eCommerce logistics providers. This means that you and your customers can track and manage his/ her consignment from within your eCommerce store.

Below is a list of logistics providers Easy to Ecommerce is integrated with

  • AFL
  • Aramex
  • Deccan 360
  • DHL
  • DTDC
  • Fedex
  • First Flight
  • GATI
  • Indian Postal Service
  • Maruti
  • Professional

Shipping prices from these providers are not standard. Shopping price depends on the product you are shipping, the weight, dimensions, source location and destination location.

Once your store is setup, we can connect you with multiple logistics providers to get quotes for your shipping needs. You can choose the one that suits your needs and integrate them with your store.

How do I calculate shipping charge for my products?

You cannot add shipping charges based on pin code to each product because customers in eCommerce expect the final product price to be same irrespective of where they are located. Taking a pincode based shipping charge approach will discourage people outside your city from buying on your site since they feel discriminated from customers within your city who'll be charged less for the same product.

However, as a merchant shipping charges are a major component of your costing and you'll need to recover it from your order. There are two industry standard strategies to do this. You can use both or one of them in your store.

The first approach is to add an average shipping charge to each of your products. You can calculate the average shipping charge as (local shipping charge+outstation shipping charge/2). You can add the avg shipping charge per product from ADMIN > PRODUCTS > ALL PRODUCTS > EDIT > SHIPPING CHARGE.

The second approach is to use a min order shipping charge i.e you can setup rules like

Do not allow checkouts below a certain cart amount eg: 100

For all orders below a certain amount, add a shipping charge. eg: add Rs.30 for all orders below Rs.500

For all orders above a certain amount, shipping is free. Eg: no shipping for orders above Rs.500.

You can setup the above rules from ADMIN > SETUP > SHOP SETTINGS.

These two strategies will help you recoup your shipping charges while also ensuring that your customers have a consistent experience on your store.

How secure is my Easy to Ecommerce eCommerce store?

At Easy to Ecommerce , our top priority is not design or features but security. Large enterprises (eg:www.sapnaonline.com) use Easy to Ecommerce to run their store and for them financial customer data is extremely critical. We serve millions of hits and hundreds of gigabytes per month, so it takes a serious infrastructure to make sure we can serve lots of traffic, really quickly, with a minimum of down-time.

We have stringent security checks on ALL Easy to Ecommerce stores. All your web traffic comes through a sophisticated front-end system involving multiple components, details of which are below.

First is the firewall. Our firewall scans all web input to block attacks from ever touching the servers. The Easy to Ecommerce Firewalls also scans outbound traffic providing highly effective data loss prevention (DLP). With features that optimize application delivery and availability like content caching, data compression and SSL acceleration the application performance is optimized and impact on servers is reduced. Integrated load balancing further optimizes performance and provides high availability.

Next is our IDS (Intrusion Detection System) - an application that scans every incoming packet of data for malicious activity such as known application exploits, email-harvesting, cross-site scripting attacks, SQL-injection attacks, etc.. This comes from a database which is regularly updated by security agencies. Right now we're blocking about thousands of attacks per day!

We serve static content, like images, javascript, & stylesheets directly off the Amazon Content Delivery Network, thus protecting the back-end system from having to do unwanted heavy lifting. This results in faster response-times for your visitors and off-loads that much work from your home server.

In addition, we also have a robust backup system in place. Application database backups for Easy to Ecommerce occur on the following frequencies: On-site backups are performed daily and retained for seven days; All backup data is encrypted.

What are product notifications?

Whenever a product is out of stock in your store manager, the Add To Cart button in the store will change to Notify Me. Your store customers can click this button to submit their email ids.

When the product is back in stock i.e you change the stock level in the Easy to Ecommerce store manager, an e-mail is sent out automatically to all the customers who subscribed to be notified. This e-mail will indicate that the product has just come back in stock and can be bought right away.

To access all such submitted email ids, login to store manager & goto Admin > Products > Product Notifications.This feature helps people to sign up to be notified for out of stock products.

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