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eCommerce Pricing

Free Installation, Cloud Server Setup & Training

Complete e-Commerce ₹ 40,000/- + Tax

( E-commerce website, Mobile Commerce and Android App )

Last Name Last Name
Easy Checkout
Advanced Reports
Customer Follow Up
CMS Integration
Order Notifications
Stock Availability
One Click Upgrads
Low Stock Reports
Rewards Points
Product Ticker
Super Deals
FB Discount

Mobile App ₹ 40,000/- + Tax

An Exclusive Mobile App Shopping App Similar To Flipkart & Amazon!
  • Get an mobile app registered on Google PlayStore
  • Enjoy 100% Ownership
  • Easy-to-use features
  • Multi- lingual and multiple currencies option
  • Get customer feedback to evaluate the quality of your fulfilment

Social Commerce ₹ 2,000/- + Tax

Promote your brand to a wider band of audience
  • Replicate your store on Social Media
  • Social signup and login for improving customer subscriptions
  • Earn ratings and reviews for your online stores
  • Seamless synchronization between your Website & App Stores
  • Advance analytics & Reports for analysing sales highs and lows and demands

Facebook Sharing ₹ 2,100/- + Tax

Share Product On Facebook
  • Product Share on Facebook plug-in allows the user to share a product on the Facebook.
  • Just configure the Facebook API and it allows to user to share the products on the facebook.
  • Using that in Product detail page user need to just click on the Share button and it can share product and user can able to share a product on the facebook.
  • It is easy to install the system and configure and you are good to go ahead to use it in your e-Com Site.

WhatApp Sharing ₹ 1,400/- + Tax

Share Product On Whatsapp System
  • Share Products on WhatsApp system allow the user to share products on WhatsApp mobile application.
  • When the user opens the e-Commerce site in the mobile device then it will automatically show the share on WhatsApp Button in each product box.
  • It is easy to install the system and configure and you are good to go ahead to use it in your e-Com Site.

Affiliate Marketing ₹ 40,000/- + Tax

Affiliate Program- Ultimate

This System allows the seller to award the affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's link or coupon. This System has the following features:

Admin side:

  • Allow the admin to manage the commission by the tiers. The admin can specify how many tiers needs to support and the commission value for each tier. Also, Admin can set a specific commission for each affiliate, this will override the general commission settings.
  • Allow the admin to assign discount coupons to his affiliates. Any visitor apply for these coupons, the affiliate will get his commission.
  • Allow the admin to track the commission for each order. The admin will mark the commission is paid when he actually pay to the affiliate (the payment is out of the System scope).
  • Admin will receive an email notification for affiliate request, he should activate it from "Promotion-->Affiliate".
  • Allow the admin to activate the payout payment through the payment solution. Admin can pay to his affiliates and transfer the money to thier Payment Solution. Admin should configure his payment solution inside the affiliate System.

Affiliate Side:

  • Customer can register to be an affiliate by login to the website, and go to his account information, then clicks on the Work with us", then he can create his own link to be used by his customers (Affiliate's customers).
  • Affiliate can view all orders get placed by his affiliate link.
  • Affiliate can view his balance (Paid and not paid balance).
  • Affiliate can view all coupons he got from the seller.
  • Affiliate can has child affiliates when a visitor he has register to be as an affiliate. As per the admin configuration (Tiers commission), he may get commission when a visitor for his child affiliates bought something.
  • Affiliate will get notified by email when he got a commission

Advanced Vendor Management
₹ 4,000/- + Tax

Advance Vendor Management System :
  • This System allows the store owner define the commission percentage or fixed amount for each vendor. Once a customer buy product(s) that belongs to a vendor, the commission will be calculated for the store owner and saved in the database. The store owner can view all commissions and pay the vendors balance to them. This Systems has the following features:
  • Store owner can define the commission for each vendor. The commission can be a percentage or fixed amount.
  • The System will calculate the commission based on the store owner configuration automatically when the order is paid.
  • The System can handle any count of products in the shopping cart even if each product is belong to different vendor.
  • Store owner can view all commissions for all vendors. The report is searchable on Vendor, Order Id, From date, To date.
  • Store owner can mark the vendor balance is paid.
  • Store owner can pay the vendor balance through his Payment Solution to Vendor's Payment Solution.